Monday, May 21, 2012

Three days, One pair of pants and a Few thoughts on possessions

I took a trip to the other side of the country

Packed light

Spent some time with loved ones

Practised yoga

Slept in a lovely room

And thought

Life is pretty good

I´ts a special feeling to live out of a backpack. 

It´s an opportunity to meditate over what things we really need.

Clutter tend to be easier to let go off when we literary have to carry it on our backs...

... And I´ve realized that most of the things that I´d learned to yearn for, was things that I never really wanted

I´ve also realized that when I want less, I feel truly rich and liberated.

Over the latest couple of years I´ve donated, sold and thrown out somewhere about 75% of my belongings

And do you know what? I barely remember any of those things

Needless to say I don´t miss them

Funny this thing with stuff and happiness... how I´d gotten it all wrong to start with!

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