Sunday, May 13, 2012

A busy bee left the pity party

The latest day´s have been busy, busy

Mostly I´ve been hibernating behind my computer, trying to finalize two big assignments for university.

Wow was i overwhelmed to start with!

The work I had lying ahead of me felt like a mountain to climb, and to be really honest with you, it took two whole days for me just to collect courage to begin. I had this silly idea that, if I couldn´t hand in a perfect assignment, then I would have failed. And I didn´t feel that i could do it perfect, so I spent two days of feeling that i had failed already before I had opened my computer. Boo hoo - welcome pity party!

Anyways... my writing block didn´t fade away until I decided for myself that I had let go of my perfectionism, my all or nothing attitude, and foremost - my idea of that outstanding work only can be created by 24/7 blood, sweat and tears. Otherwise I would get nothing done. And that would be silly, right?

I had to find a way to make it possible to climb the mountain - and do you know what?

 I did!

I decided to split my work in 20 minute sessions... That fel doable. 20 minutes of complete focus on my work, and then a 10-20 minute pause. I´ve studied like this for a couple of days now and have managed to accomplish more than I hoped for. My pauses have allowed my to keep a high energy level while staying completely focused during my 20 minute sessions... I feel great, and by now, the overwhelming pressure I felt earlier is gone.

Giving yourself a break can get you far!

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