Friday, May 4, 2012

Plant and Grow

The last few days have been busy and beautiful!

We had a few warm days, the first taste of summer. Me and my man have been out in the garden, digging, planning, dreaming... And a great thing happened.

We were intendning to buy a greenhouse this year, but after installing a soapstone wood stove that turned out to cost more than we had planned, there was no money left for that. You can therefore only imagine how happy I became yesterday when our neighbours knocked on the door and asked if we wanted to keep our plants in their greenhouse. They know about my passion for plants and have a big and sturdy greenhouse which they hardly use (!!!) A whole new world of planting possibilites opened up and I could hardly sleep yesterday as I was dreaming of aubergines, tamarillos and cucumbers... things that I thought I wouldn´t be able to grow this year. But now it´s possible!

Ah, I love this time of year. To plan the garden, order plants and sow seeds (crossing my fingers that they will want to grow and thrive)... This year I will focus mainly on tomatoes, sallad, leek, beans, herbs and strawberrys.

What will you grow this year?

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