Saturday, April 21, 2012

Japanese micro houses

I love small houses. In fact, I can´t imagine choosing a big house over a small one.

Small is cozy, easy to heat and easy to get an overview of (no need to wonder what hides in the darkness on a empty top floor...) 

And even though the house I live in right now, at 40m2, is considered to be tiny, I wouldn´t mind moving to something even smaller as long as I could have a garden or live close to a veggiepatch (top priority!). 

So, as a fan of tiny living I got excited when I found this video about japanese micro houses. They are so cute, and the best part is that they have included a little patch for plants too! So you can have both the house, the plants, and live in the city. Sweet. I can easily see myself dwell in such a house one day (though... I would slab some paint on the walls first!)

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