Sunday, April 22, 2012

We reached our goal!

Update: The flea market was a success!

I am so happy. We raised money well beyond our goal, and all of the children at the orphanage will now get an health insurance. I´m sure we will do this soon again!

Well I have to say that it´s insane to see how much things we accumulate. Things that we neither like or need, and I can tell you, the flea market was flooding with stuff that still had the price tag on. But... In this case it all lead to something great, and it was fun to see how someone´s clutter could become someone else´s treasure.

If I bought something for myself..? Yes I found two things that I´d been planning to buy for some time: a big mason jar and a carpet to replace the torn one in the hallway. But I´m working the principle "one in - one out" so I will throw out the old carpet and give away some other jars that I´ve never had any good use for.

All in all... a great day!

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