Monday, July 9, 2012

Powered by wind and sun - SOLVINDEN

I´m really excited about our new wind- and solar powered lamps from IKEA. 

They come from a collection called SOLVINDEN (meaning "the sun-wind") consisting of several different light sources run by (as you could guess) sun and wind. According to staff at IKEA they´re supposed to survive hanging outside all-year-round, even trough chilly Scandinavian winters. 

Though I doubt there will be enough sun to charge the sun cells during winter, it´s possible that the wind will blow enough to charge the generator. That´s at least what I´m hoping for as it would save a looot of electricity. 

And what do they look like? 

Pictured above are two of them, in all their colorful glory, charging up on my veranda. When they´re spinning in full action they look like flying ribbons.... Or tiny Tivoli attractions!  

When the darkness creeps in, I bring them inside where they shine for hours. A fully charged lamp last me about 2 days. Below is a single lamp in a pitch dark room.

All in all, I´m very happy with my new sunshiny lights. No matter what anyone might think about IKEA, it´s a great thing that a big company like such make a full collection of sun powered lamps. 

And now I want a sun powered phone charger, fridge, stove and water heater ;)

What´s your experience with solar and/or wind power?


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