Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey check this out, it's toothpaste in the shape of tablets: ToothyTabs from Lush!

If you´ve never heard about Lush, it´s a vegan friendly cosmetic company that don´t test on animals.

I like Lush´s efforts to use as little packaging for their products as possible. For example they make shampoo and massage oils in bars, and sell them as "naked", ie without any packaging. They use mainly natural ingredients, though not all of them are organic (which I really do not like. Now that you have come so far Lush, why not go all the way?)
Anyway... ToothyTabs! There are several varieties to choose from and I´ve got Ultrablast and Aquatic.

How it works? Chew a tablet until dissolved (without swallowing of course) and then brush teeth as usual with a damp toothbrush.

I really like the feeling afterwards. My teeth looks whiter and my mouth feels really fresh and clean

And when it comes to taste? Well Ultrablast is definitely my favorite! It has a minty taste with a kick (and it contains wasabi, really cool). These I´ll easily use again! I wasn´t as charmed by Aquatic though. The taste was a tad to "perfumy".

I adore the packaging that consists of a cute little cardboard box. No plastic in sight, and therefore much more environmentally friendly than regular toothpaste tubes
Well simply put, ToothyTabs is a fun little invention!

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